Innovations for your Merchandising activities

Our shelf and shop floor tracking systems help you:

  • Conduct marketing experiments to boost sales economically
  • Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign
  • Enhance the shopping experience for your customers
  • Monitor Brand value daily, hourly
  • ContextAI retail solution

    At ContextAI we have developed a solution that innovates your Merchandising activities

    This development requires expertise in the fields of:

  • Artifical Intelligence
  • Data fusion
  • Software and Engineering
  • Extract from the report by Accenture digital retail strategy group show the pains retailers face.

    Advantages of our solution

    Our solution is easy to install and maintain, we expect minimal changes in the retail stores.

    We generate data transparent to your customers and staff.

    Solutions in the market today are complex to install and maintain, thus have seen limited growth.

    Available solutions rely on:

  • Beacons, that expensive and complex to configure.
  • Proximity detection has a very low precision.
  • GPS is hard to work indoors, similar problems as Proximity systems.
  • Wifi is expensive, and hard to install.
  • Barcodes require installing apps on mobile devices and scanning them, this is hard during rush hours.
  • Your customers are not required to install apps.

    The privacy of the customers is protected.

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